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Ductless mini split systems offer an innovative, space-saving solution for enhancing comfort in spaces where traditional HVAC options and ductwork installation are impractical. Mini splits provide an efficient alternative for home or business owners who need to expand their buildings into areas where adding ductwork is not viable due to financial or spatial constraints. As ductless mini split specialists, Spokane Plumbing & Heating is the ideal partner for installing innovative comfort systems that meet your unique needs.

When you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of a ductless mini split in your Spokane property, contact the team at Spokane Plumbing & Heating by calling (509) 519-2626 to schedule an appointment!


Understanding Ductless Mini Split Systems

The rising popularity of ductless mini-split systems can be attributed to their flexibility and efficiency. Unlike traditional forced air systems that rely on extensive ductwork to distribute air throughout a property, mini splits force treated air into specific zones without requiring ducts. These systems can be installed on the floor, wall, or ceiling and linked to an outdoor unit, allowing for targeted heating and cooling in designated areas. With the ability to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit, ductless mini splits offer a versatile and efficient approach to creating a comfortable environment in your home or office.


Advantages of Ductless Mini Split AC Systems

Opting for a ductless mini split system introduces a wealth of benefits, distinguishing it significantly from traditional heating and cooling methods that rely on extensive ductwork. These advanced systems are designed to blend seamlessly with modern aesthetics and prioritize energy efficiency and operational effectiveness.

Ductless mini split systems enjoy a wide range of benefits when compared to traditional HVAC systems, such as:

  • Effortless installation: The compact size and flexibility of mini splits allow for an easy setup in various spaces, making them perfect for homes and businesses without existing ductwork. Unlike traditional systems that often require significant structural modifications, mini splits can be installed with little to no construction, saving time and preserving the integrity of your space.
  • Individualized comfort: Ductless mini split systems excel in providing zoned temperature control. This means each unit can be adjusted to suit the comfort preferences of different areas independently, eliminating the all-too-common scenario of one thermostat dictating the temperature for the entire house. This feature is particularly beneficial for households with varying comfort preferences among members or for spaces with specific climate control needs.
  • Improved air quality: Traditional ductwork can accumulate dust, allergens, and other pollutants over time, circulating throughout your home every time the system runs. Ductless mini splits, by contrast, offer a duct-free operation that significantly reduces the potential for air quality degradation. Many models come equipped with multi-stage filtration systems that further purify the air, capturing dust, pollen, bacteria, and other particulates to provide a healthier living environment.
  • Energy efficiency: Ductless systems are renowned for their superior energy efficiency compared to traditional HVAC systems. Mini splits can mean substantial savings on utility bills. Ductless systems allow individual spaces to be cooled while reducing energy loss. Their inverter-driven compressors adjust the speed to match the demand, ensuring optimal energy use without compromising comfort.
  • Quiet operation: Engineered for tranquility, ductless mini splits operate at significantly lower noise levels than traditional systems. This makes them an ideal choice for environments where noise is a concern, such as bedrooms, offices, and classrooms.

Entrust your comfort to Spokane Plumbing & Heating, where our expertise in ductless mini split systems ensures you receive a customized solution that perfectly matches your heating and cooling needs. Experience the difference that sophisticated climate control can have in the comfort of your space. 


Do You Need Ductless Mini Split System Repair?

Our Spokane team excels in both the installation and detailed maintenance and repair of ductless mini split systems. If your ductless mini split system isn't performing optimally, it may be time for professional repairs. 

Watch out for these key indicators:

  • Increased energy bills: A spike in your energy costs could mean the system is overworking to maintain temperatures.
  • Reduced airflow or uneven temperatures: These issues may signal blockages or malfunctioning components in different zones.
  • Frequent cycling: If the system turns on and off more often than usual, there might be a thermostat issue or a refrigerant leak.
  • Unusual noises: Grinding, buzzing, or whistling sounds can indicate internal problems needing immediate attention. 

Choosing us ensures your comfort is in the hands of experts who will swiftly diagnose and rectify any issues, maintaining smooth operation and optimal indoor comfort. Address minor issues promptly by contacting us at the first sign of trouble.



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